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Vegan Curried Broccoli Soup

The soup came to be on a day where I was uninspired for dinner and was rattling off a list of random food for the toddler to choose from. I threw out broccoli soup on a list that included peanut … Continue reading

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Curried Carrot Salad

This a super easy, relatively healthful salad that my toddler loves. It comes together in about 5 minutes, including making the dressing. I suppose you could make this with raisins, but I never would because, well, I hate them. Curried … Continue reading

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Yogurt Curry Dressing

This is so simple that I hesitated to even post it, but it is delicious, so it would be a shame not to share. It is a great dressing for grilled vegetable salad, potato salad, carrots and can be used … Continue reading

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