Soup and Salad Blog is a collection of recipes, including family favorites, adaptations and original recipes.

One thing that is painfully obvious is that we are not photographers. But that is ok, because we can cook and this is a food blog.  We add photographs to give you and idea about what the finished product might look like and hopefully inspire you to make it. We hope to grow as photographers, though, all is not lost. Hopefully, we will look back on our early dark ages of photography and laugh. And you will laugh with us. Not at us.

Founding Editor/Contributor: Amy worked in the food service industry as a means to work her way through college and fell in love. Not so much with the hours, but with the cooking. She worked as a server, a cook, a supervisor and as part of a catering company. She loves to cook at home, but is a bit lazy. Soup or Salad Blog should light a fire under her butt. She also blogs at Baby Baby Lemon.

Featured Contributor: Jody is an accomplished home cook and a graduate of the California Culinary Academy in Baking and Pastry Arts. She worked in a fancy-schmancy restaurant in San Francisco as a pastry cook before retiring young from the restaurant trade. She and her family recently decamped to New Zealand where she is using this blog as a means to prevent getting takeaway (take-out in New Zealand) everyday and keep in touch with her roots in classic American cooking. She is blogging about her adventure at Kiwiverse.


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