Call for Posts

Do you have a spectacular soup or special salad that you would like featured on Soup or Salad Blog? We are about to expand our content to include guest posts and reposts from other blogs. You can tweet or email your links. We will happily post recipes submitted by email. What do YOU get in return? Not cash, but we will link back to your blog, tweet the recipe with your twitter handle included and you will get a “featured on” button for your blog.

not actual button

Show us what you got!

Guidelines for submission:
Must be original recipe or cite original source
Must have at least one picture
Must be yummy

Submit to souporsaladblog {at} gmail {dot} com OR tweet your link to @SoupOrSaladBlog

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2 Responses to Call for Posts

  1. Amanda says:

    I just blogged about a fantastic citrus fruit salad earlier this week! So good…. now I wish we still had some left. Bummer!

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