Welcome to Turkey Week!

Hi there! We thought we’d use the week before Thanksgiving to officially launch the site and feature a handful of recipes designed to use up that leftover Thanksgiving turkey.  We have big plans for Soup or Salad Blog and hope it becomes a hub for great soup or salad recipes in the blogging world. Have a great recipe you posted on your blog? We’d love to feature it here. We are going to try and have at least 3 new recipes per week with a focus on favorites from our families, original recipes and classics with a twist.

We would love for you to follow us on  Twitter or like us on Facebook to be notified when new recipes go up. We also love recipe suggestions or let us know how something turned out, email us at souporsaladblog@gmail.com.

Thanks for coming on this food adventure with us,
Amy and Jody

Turkey Week Recipes
Turkey Stock
Turkey Chili Verde
Turkey Salad Stuffed Tomatoes
Turkey Bacon Salad
Turkey Jambalaya
Leftovers Soup
Turkey Orzo Soup

We’ll be adding the links as the recipes go up. Happy Cooking!

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