Egg Salad – Hoosier Style

This is my mom’s standard egg salad recipe, which she claimed was “Indiana style,” where she grew up. I have never eaten egg salad in Indiana and can not verify this claim. She also had a ton of egg salad recipes and crazy rules about the eating of egg salad. One such rule: egg salad should always be eaten on untoasted bread, unless you are having egg salad and tomato, then you have to toast the bread and use dijon mustard. There will be more egg salads to come, but this is the basic one. It is sweet, but that is how she liked it. And this is my comfort food egg salad. It tastes like home.

Mom's recipe, mom's china

Egg Salad – Hoosier Style
serves 2
3 eggs, hard boiled
1/2 T Miracle Whip, heaping
1/2 T Sweet pickle relish
1/4 T Yellow mustard
salt and pepper to taste
4 slices bread or lettuce leaves for serving

  1. Chop the hard boiled eggs in to large pieces and place in mixing bowl. I like to use an egg slicer twice, rotating the egg 90 degrees between slices. (This is the only place I deviated from my mom’s recipe; she made it basically smashed, so that works too.)
  2. Add remaining ingredients and mix lightly, keeping the chunks of egg intact.
  3. I cut the bread in to circles using a glass because I think it looks cute, but you can leave whole. Place the egg salad on bread for a sandwich or serve on some butter or romaine lettuce for a salad.

Note: For a less sweet salad, swap out the miracle whip for mayonnaise or the sweet relish for dill or the yellow mustard for dijon. Or all 3, but then it isn’t really the same salad.

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